How To Use Subconscious Mind Programming To
Make a Man Fall In Love With You
& Get Him Addicted to You
In Just 1 Month!

By Elaine M.D., a Professional Datingand Relationship Coach and Bestselling Author

If you are a woman who:

 Wants to make your boyfriend love you more
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 Wants to know how to keep your boyfriend in love
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 Wants to find and attract a man who will truly love you and commit to you
 Wants to learn what makes a man fall in love and stay in love forever
 Wants to know why men lose interest and how to gain it back
 Wants to prevent a break up from happening in the future
 Wants to have the security from knowing that your man will not get away

Read this page because...

...the secrets you are about to learn right on this page are very powerful. In fact, I can bet you that none of your girlfriends knows these secrets about men!

For a long time I was very hesitant to release this information to public, because of how extremely POWERFUL this information is.

This is UNLIKE anything you’ve ever learned or read anywhere else before. I can promise you that!

But first, let me ask you a question;

Have you ever been in a situation similar to described below?

You met a wonderful man who appeared to be everything you had ever wanted in a man. You really liked him, and he seemed to like you too. Remember that man? What was he like? What was your relationship like? Think about it for a moment.

Picture this man now as if it was in the present time. Maybe you even fell in love with this man. And maybe he even said he loved you too.

Things were great for a while. But then something happened, and you could tell he was different.

He stopped expressing interest in seeing you as much as he used to when you first met. He wasn’t calling you as often. The conversations about the future stopped, and if you tried to bring back the subject of the future he quickly withdrew or told you he didn’t want to talk about it.

Maybe he said something along the lines of “Why can’t you just enjoy what we have without asking where this is going?”

Perhaps he told you that he wasn’t sure what he wanted afterwards, and whether he wanted a serious relationship or not.

And you started wondering, what happened to this romantic man in love who couldn’t stop talking about the future?

And there came a time when he disappeared from your life. Maybe he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship at this time, or perhaps he said you deserve someone better, someone who could give you the kind of a relationship you needed, but it wasn’t him.

Maybe he said, “I am not good enough for you; you deserve better!” and you thought deep down “Let me be the judge of that! I love you and I want to be with you and no one else!”

Then he said he wanted to take a break, and that perhaps you needed a break from him as well. He may have said he needed to get some things together, maybe get a promotion at work, or do some other things that didn’t allow time for a relationship.

Or maybe he just said he wasn’t ready to settle down and wanted to “explore other options”, “see what was out there”, or “date other people”.

And you tried giving him space thinking that he’d come back to you.

UNTIL you found out a few months later that he was already engaged to someone else!

Or maybe not engaged, but he was suddenly in a serious relationship with another woman – a woman he treated like a queen, the way you wanted him to treat YOU!

So, why do men who make all kinds of excuses, tell you they are not ready to settle down, tell you don’t know what they want, and if they even want a relationship suddenly find themselves in COMMITTED RELATIONSHIPS with OTHER WOMEN?

Read on and you will discover the answers in the following few paragraphs right on this page!

Why Men Who Refuse To Settle Down With You Find Themselves Walking Down The Aisle With Another Woman Shortly After

I want you to understand what happens in relationships when men who suddenly get cold feet often find themselves in committed relationships and even marry another woman shortly after.

This is NOT your fault!

BUT it is NOT his fault either.

This is NOT because he was dating two or more women at the same time. This is NOT because he is a dishonest jerk.

Let me explain why things like this happen.

And in order to give you this insight, I will start from getting to the very root of the problem which is biologically embedded into our human brain.

Without a doubt, humans are social creatures.

Back in the days of the caveman we lived in tribes. We still do, sort of. We tend to build houses close to houses of other people – no one wants to live away from the rest of the world.

Even though we typically want our own place rather than sharing with other families, we still want to be in close proximity to other people.

Similarly, men and women are subconsciously preprogrammed to mate. Ideally we all seek that ideal partner with whom we can mate for life.

When a person is single, he or she is in a constant search of a partner, even if we don’t admit it, don’t want to recognize it, or outright deny it.

Even when someone thinks or says “I don’t want a relationship right now”, “This is not the right time” or “I am fine on my own”, that person is subconsciously seeking someone with whom they can fall in love with and create a family.

Thus, even when we think we don’t want a relationship at the time, our human brain does this subconsciously, as it is constantly checking potential mates (usually of the opposite gender) for compatibility.

We are biologically preprogrammed to seek a companion and we stop searching until we have a companion who meets our subconscious needs – or our subconscious criteria for a love partner.

If you doubt this statement, think of a time when you thought you had too much going on at the time and didn’t have any time for a relationship BUT suddenly found yourself falling in love with someone. And there was nothing you could do about that. No amount of reasoning could help you stop you daily long telephone conversations, and regular dates.

Perhaps you changed your priorities and your schedule to accommodate this new relationship.

Or maybe you thought you were too busy for dating, but unexpectedly found yourself thinking about some guy almost constantly ever since you met him. And despite your busy schedule you knew you would allocate time to spend time with him because suddenly he became a priority in your life.

More often than not, when we think we are not ready for a relationship at the time, this is because we have not yet found that person who meets out subconscious criteria.

Once we meet this person, magic happens. We suddenly start making time in our schedules to be with this person. We are suddenly READY for a relationship. And it’s all because we have found the right person, the one who makes the heart race and the amazing feeling of falling in love starts affecting our brain.

So, what are these LOVE criteria somebody must meet before we can truly fall in love with this person?

The Subconscious Criteria You Should Meet
To Make Him Feel You Are The One

The subconscious criteria we have for our ideal partner is a set of qualities we look for in a person. This set of qualities is stored deep down in our brain. 

If you have ever thought you weren’t looking for a relationship and suddenly fell in love, you know what I am referring to. When you meet that special person, all reason flies out of the window and you suddenly fall deeply in love with that person.

What makes us fall in love with that specific person is that they have met our subconscious criteria, or we think that they have met our subconscious criteria.

For instance, imagine that you have always found yourself attracted to tall, broad-shouldered men with piercing blue eyes, who play the guitar, ride a motorcycle and wear a biker outfit.

As soon as you meet a person who matches most or all of these criteria, you have a great potential to fall for this person, provided that their other qualities continue to meet yours as you get to know them.

But, if instead, you find out that the person has a set of what you consider deal-breakers you can fall out of love with them just as easily.

However, you need to recognize what your deal breakers are. For instance, if you find out that the person you fell in love with is a drug user, you may be well aware on your conscious level that this is not a good thing and you should not continue this relationship.

However, if on the subconscious level this is NOT one of your deal breakers.

This is why sometimes it is so difficult to get detached from a partner who isn’t good for you – because you know on the conscious level that this person or this relationship isn’t good for you, but your subconscious mind tells you otherwise.

If you have ever been with a man who treated you badly, but you stayed with him despite all the red flags because the attraction was so great you know what I am talking about. It may not even be a purely physical side of the attraction; it could be something you aren’t even aware of.

Similarly, if you’ve ever known a woman who treated his husband poorly, and yet he stayed with her, you can identify with what I am saying.

Your subconscious mind is formed by your past experiences. It is not formed by what you know is good for you, but rather by experiences from your remote past, often from childhood and your teenage years.

Attraction begins as soon as we meet someone who matches our mind subconscious criteria.

When you meet someone who matches your subconscious criteria, and you meet his subconscious criteria, there is instant chemistry between the two of you.

On the other hand, when only one person matches the other’s subconscious criteria, it is only one person who feels the attraction toward the other.

So, if you’ve ever been in a situation where a man you met did not seem attractive to you, but he would not leave you alone, he’d call you repeatedly, and continued to ask you out, you know that you met HIS subconscious criteria, but he didn’t meet yours.

And it goes both ways. If you’ve ever found yourself attracted to a man who didn’t feel the same way about you, now you know why.

Sometimes we understand what attracts us in others, and we call it “our type” or “my type”. But often, we don’t even know what it is that triggers attraction. 

The hardest part is that you may be thinking one thing while it is the other.

Ironically, it may not be what you are most proud of, or not what you are attracted to.

For instance, you may be attracted to strong, successful men. You may be a strong, successful woman. You take pride in these qualities. You think that because this is what you admire in a man, a man should find that attractive about you.

However, he may have an entirely different set of subconscious criteria for his ideal love partner.

Perhaps his ideal is a woman who is soft-spoken, easy-going, kind and caring. She is more of a homemaker rather than an executive type. The qualities he admires in a woman, which in combination make up his ideal aren’t the ones that you subconsciously look for in a man.

Keep in mind, that the subconscious ideal which triggers the process of falling in love is NOT what we THINK we want for ourselves, or what is good for us.

Understand this, and you are half-way through the process of making any man fall in love with you.

I will illustrate this in the next paragraphs so you can easily paint a picture of what it is exactly I am talking about.

How The Subconscious Attraction Criteria Work

Let’s assume that you've met a man whom you are intensely attracted to. This man is a player, a womanizer who flirts with other women even when you are together. You know he is treating you with disrespect, but you can’t help but date him because you are strongly attracted to him.

The reason you can’t break free from this spell is because this man is meeting your most powerful subconscious criteria!

Similarly, YOU can have the same POWER over any man you want to attract and keep, when you learn how to meet his subconscious criteria!

Why Men Suddenly Lose Interest In Women

So, if you wonder why a man who was very much into you suddenly or gradually lost interest in you, you are probably asking, “If he seemed so interested at first, does it mean that I was meeting his subconscious criteria? And if so, why isn’t he interested now?”

The reason this happened was because when you first met you were either meeting his subconscious love criteria and something changed, or you were not exactly meeting his subconscious criteria in the first place, and the discrepancy became unbearable as you started seeing each other more. But both of this situations are FIXABLE! So, keep reading and you will find out how to fix them!

In the first scenario, his first instinct was that you were meeting his subconscious criteria. Once he got to know you better, either something about you changed, or he realized that you did not meet the rest of his subconscious criteria, or that his first impression that you were meeting his subconscious criteria was wrong.

So, how can YOU make sure that instead of admitting your powerlessness over this situation you use this knowledge to your advantage and actually bring him close and KEEP HIM FOREVER by utilizing this knowledge?

You don’t have to change who you are. There is a BETTER WAY to benefit from this information!

Read on and you will discover how to do so in the next few paragraphs!

Can You Alter Your Man’s
Subconscious Mind Patters
To Make Him Fall For You
& Stay In Love With You?

Now that you understand why men are attracted to some women and not others, why they commit to some women and not others, why they can get literally addicted to some women and not others, you may want to know – is it possible to make a man change his mind?

The good news is that – YES, it is possible to make a man have a change of heart even if he is not attracted to you right now, even if you are not his type right now and even if you have never been his type!

You can use subconscious mind programming to make a man attracted to you, make him ask you out, get your boyfriend back, and make a man ADDICTED TO YOU so you can KEEP HIM forever!

I am going to show you how in the following few paragraphs.

How To Change a Man’s Subconscious Mind Criteria
Step by Step!

In order to change somebody’s subconscious mind criteria for their ideal partner you must understand what subconscious mind is.

Moreover, since most of us have no idea how our subconscious mind could be accessed for interpretations, we need to first understand what it is exactly, and secondly, how our subconscious mind can be accessed and read.

By knowing these things you will have solid ground for learning about your man’s subconscious criteria, and know how to gather information from him that will lead you to discovering his subconscious criteria.

I will show you how to do all of that!

After you discover your man’s subconscious love criteria, I will teach you how to gather data to get a clear picture of what it is that your man needs in order to match his subconscious love criteria with YOU so he will picture YOU are his LOVE IDEAL!

You will also learn:

3 Levels of Subconscious Attraction (you must have all three in order to successfully attract and keep a man forever)

How To Use Subconscious Mind Programming to Fix a Break Up (even if it’s been a long time since your break up and even if your situation seems hopeless)

How To Use Subconscious Mind Programming to Keep Your Man

How To Get a Man Addicted To You By Using the Power Of Subconscious Programming even if he seems unsure about you or even not too interested in you right now

Why Men Lose Interest In Women and How To Prevent That By Using Subconscious Programming

How To Alter Your Man’s Subconscious Mind Criteria To Make Him Attracted To You Even If You Are Not His Type Right Now

...and much more!

Subconscious Mind Programming Tutorial

My Step-by-Step Tutorial explaining in great depth all of the above referenced points "How To Use Subconscious Mind Programming To
Make a Man Fall In Love With You & Get Him Addicted to You In Just 1 Month"

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I figured I'd try and if nothing else I could still use good relationship advice in the future. I have to tell you, this advice worked wonders for me!

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